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With his excellent acting abilities, his martial art skills, generations worldwide have met with Gordon Liu through the white screen. He is an icon, a true master in martial arts. Surely you've seen Shaolin warrior, 36th Chamber of Shaolin and Kill Bill; numerous Hollywood productions. Gordon Liu understands the art of acting with the art of Kung Fu. Througout the world he has a lot of fans who admire him for his great acting skills (from serious to comedic) and personality. Gordon Liu was in many HK-TVB series, he played anything from villain to hero. He was great in what he does and still is great in who he is. Gordon Liu is easily one of the most charismatic kung fu stars ever. 

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Hi ya'all, this picture was given to me on Facebook. I just had to share it with you.

Don't you think Gordon looks just so fine with his smile and thumb up! Look at the smile at his face and the good food in front of him. All credits go to Gordon, he has to do the recovery, he has to believe that the only way is up. I am so terribly proud of Gordon and those who are taking care of him and love him. 

Gordon, I hope to visit you again anytime soon with my family! Gordon loves to eat cake. When we were in Hong Kong visiting him, we brought him cake and how he ate Tiramisu and Cheese cake. Now, Gordon, we see you eating cake again here? Knipogen


Geplaatst door Manlung Tang | Eloise Oosterbeek

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You probably read it in previous message but we've got a video about the interview with Amy Fan, 樊 亦敏, it's been posted on facebook as well. Translation can be read in our previous blog.

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Interview in Nextmedia issue 1228 about Amy Fan, basically it's about Amy's personality and heroine bahavior to help Gordon Liu. Can't translate everything, it already took me 15 minutes to read it hahaha

Amy's Quote: "When rich people help someone, they call it charity... When poor people help
someone, they'll say there must be more motives behind all this!
Gordon is a Kung Fu icon, he needs help 
and I dare to reach out my hand.
I fight to help Gordon to retrieve his 2 million HKD$, just because Gordon needs this
money and how could he do it by himself in a wheelchair? Tell me!
Helping Gordon is a normal thing, I don't care about my own image in media.
It's the right thing, then I'll do it!"

Nextmedia Text: Amy Fan 樊亦敏 Righteous as priority helping Gordon Liu


"When rich people help someone they call it charity, if poor people help someone they'll say
there must be more motives behind all this."
"And maybe I'll be considered as a poor person, but I don't think that people
have to look things this way."

"People think it's all about Gordon's money, I'll think if I need  to do so much for money
I'll find a real richer target. The doctors and attorney are all helping Gordon for free,
do they really all need to plan this complot for making more money?
If you say it's about power, that could be true because I decide what he may eat or not.
Sometimes he really want something, and I say no, you'll see him make some
funny sad faces." ;(
NextMedia Text: "Heroic Action in Harsh Times"
"When I decided to do something, I'm sure in all those things that I do,
I'm not scared about the things that people would say.
You can't say I'm scared so I don't do it. If it's like that, it would be against my own principle.
When you put yourself in his situation, and you're not capable to do this yourself anymore,
you are losing trust in family and so-called friends, that's a quite sad situation."
The next half part interview is not related with Gordon Liu...

Amy; we can only say that you've got the biggest heart.


Geplaatst door Manlung Tang | Eloise Oosterbeek

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How sweet, we received by mail some nice ecards. If you too have an ecard to send, please do so. Everything to cheer up Gordon's day.

If you want to send an ecard, make sure you use a proper program. You can send it to: gordonliufanclub@outlook.com. 

Gordon; these are for you!

From Jordy, Lennox, Ibrahim, Joanna and someone unknown:


Geplaatst door Eloise Oosterbeek

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Amy gave us a lovely message. Manlung translated it into English so it'll be easy for you to understand. Enjoy!

 Amy Fan: "Hello I'm Amy Fan, Gordon and I wish you all a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival together with your love ones. Gordon has gained 2,5 kg weight lately, which is a very good result. Thanks to all your love and support he recovers very fast. Everytime I talk about his supportive fans, he smiles and says "they all miss me much". Here we also especially thank our friends from Holland. Manlung who designed a nice Gordon Liu - Guo Shu Cup T-shirt and lots of fans bought it to support Gordon and Gordon knows it. Gordon thanks you all and hopes that you'll still support him and love him. He said he wants to recover faster and he likes to see you when he is at his best condition. Ok, well I think it's enough for now... See you next time, bye bye!"

Thank you Gordon and thank you Amy. We're looking forward to your next message! 

Geplaatst door Manlung Tang | Eloise Oosterbeek

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Look how Gordon is doing! By the way, happy Mid Autumn festival Gordon! And fans, did you see Amy's message?

True, we're a bit late with our wishes but actually we were so happy to see Gordon smile with sparkles in his eyes again and Amy had a sweet message for all of us and because of that we had to reply some mail and messages. Thank you fans for all the sweet things you wish for Gordon! Gordon's facebook has, at this point, more updates about his health yet we can tell you that Gordon is doing so well en so great. He is in the loving care of Amy and it shows! Thank you Amy and Aunty for all you are doing for Gordon. He so deserves it. 

The message Amy gave is, can be seen on Gordon's facebook. Haven't seen it yet? go ahead, take a look here *do click*. 

And don't you think Gordon is looking great? Keep it going Gordon! You can do it!


Geplaatst door Manlung Tang | Eloise Oosterbeek

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Thanks to you, we collected over 800 € to support Gordon in anyway we can...

Hi there,

Even in Hong Kong I've sold a few t-shirts. I'm very aware of the fact that you might think: 'where did the money actually go?'

Well, Amy's aunt came over to my fathers house to not only pay a visit but also collect the money because we ran out of time to meet their lawyer. The picture below says what you need to know.

To those who bought a goody to support Gordon...THANK YOU! 

More pictures on facebook.

Geplaatst door Manlung Tang

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Sorry, we were offline for a little while...

First of all, Happy Birthday Gordon Liu. We wish you all the luck you can need! 

It has been a while. We were (as you probably all know) in Hong Kong spending some quality time with family, relatives, friends and with Gordon Liu too. The updates about our visit can be found on our facebook. 

But, coming back from Hong Kong, we were terribly busy with picking up our jobs and daily obligations. Holidays don't last for ever, so once we were back we couldn't find any time to update this website. We are so sorry for that.

Anytime soon we'll post an update about his health yet I can tell you that Gordon Liu spend some real time out to celebrate his birthday today. 

Gordon went outside with Aunty and my father. As you can see, Gordon has the smile in his eyes and he actually looks very good! Keep up that spirit Gordon. And this is all possible because Gordon is in good hands! Finally.

Geplaatst door Manlung Tang

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When Gordon Liu (劉家輝) was our guest of honour in Amsterdam back in 2011 he played some guitar (he loves making music) and gave an interview about his style and future plans.

As far as I can, I've tried to translate it for you. Enjoy. 

Reporter: today there are many wushu performances, where would you look as a juror?
"that is difficult, traditional wushu consists of various styles. Modern wushu has fixed forms. As a juror I would look at the standings, the sequence of movements and the appearance of the eyes. You can not judge the style itself"
Reporter: you are trained in Hung Gar Kung Fu by your brother, Sifu Lau Kar Leung. What is typical Hung Gar.
"Hung Hei-Gun is the founder of Hung Gar. I am the seventh generation. Hung Hei-Gun has set Hung Gar during his flee from Guangdon to Shaolin. The five styles of Guangdon are: Hung, Lau, Choy, Lee, Fat, Mug. Hung Gar is a passive style.
Reporter: Hung Gar is an internal or external style?
All styles have an internal and external content, after the external force you need the internal peace. Hung Gar has three main forms: taming the tiger, tiger crane and iron wire. The first two are external, and the third is internally focused. 
Reporter: in which series do you play?
one of my series has just aired, when I get back, I'm going to play briefly in a Chinese series. I also have a role in the film painted skin 2, based on a famous novel. I play it with Donnie Yen. In July I'm going to play in a Western movie in Thailand including a fight scene with the brother of Tony Jaa.
Reporter: you talk with Donnie Yen on wushu?
we've known each other since his first film in Hong Kong. In series and movies we have worked with each other. His mother is a famous sifu in the U.S. He also knows Hung Gar style. Donnie Yen knows different styles profound.
Reporter: how would you like Hung Gar is going to develop.

I would like Hung Gar to spread all over the world. I hope Hung Gar sifu's and students work together. Together we are strong.

Reporter: What are the values ​​of Hung Gar?

Faith and loyalty. Even virtue and obedience to the sifu. The goals are good health and defend your loved ones and country.

Reporter: Thank you very much!

followed by a workshop given by Chen Kuan Tai (陈观泰) with Manlung Tang & Kjer street tricks

Geplaatst door Manlung Tang

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fans and friends, before questions about this site, and the people behind it will raise...

I'll be brief about this one. We (Manlung & Eloise) have nothing but pure intentions. A sincere heart is not only in movies, it also exists in real life. Most martial arts have tenets. These tenets inspire us to altruistic help or inspire Gordon. We do what lies in our ability with the help of Amy and you, fans & friends.  

It's terrible what happened to Gordon Liu.  This man has inspired so many people around the world that this is clearly the only thing we can do to inspire him back. We wish you'd make a personal video for him and send it to us. A minute is enough, make it funny, inspirational, emotional or spiritual. This call includes kungfu schools, individually or as a group, recording a short video is really not difficult, it won't take much of your time. Remember, it'll make Gordon laugh and laughter is therapy, laughter is good, laughter is positive! And that's the mood Gordon could use right now. 

Thank you

Manlung Tang



Geplaatst door Manlung

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Eva Fung is lying to Oriental Daily about the recent incident with Amy Fan and she would never dare to go to the police.



"Gordon Liu recently filed a case against former assistant Eva Fung to recover his nearly $ 2 million. Yesterday Eva left a building in Kwun Tong after finishing some official work, someone downstairs came with seven, eight big guys holding hand-held camera's; surrounded her and asked her to receive a letter, they also continuesly were making photographs. Frightened Eva said, while weeping tears: "A lot of people surrounded me, asking me to receive a letter, there were really giving me a good scary shock, I did not know what to do that moment!" Eva also claimed that she will go to the police to report it last night, and let the police to handle the incident. Eva Fung is lying to Oriental Daily about the recent incident with Amy Fan and she (Eva) would never dare to go to the police.


Geplaatst door Manlung Tang

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Please don't compare me with Eva Fung!

I've let Manlung Tang know by whatsapp that I'm really tired of the fact that people think I'm fighting with Eva Fung over Gordon's money and that the things I do for him are for my own profits, like filling my own wallet. They asume that I would have second motives than just helping Gordon. These allegations are another battle I have to fight while my only fight is to help Gordon with all my heart.

Amy Fan 樊亦敏

Geplaatst door Amy Fan 樊亦敏

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Interview Amy Fan about Gordon Liu recently given in Sudden Weekly, magazine in Hong Kong.

See video below. 


Interview title: Sudden Weekly
Gordon right side paralyzed - Amy Fan his legal guardian: He needs to sell his house/property to cover all of his medical costs

Amy: "Gordon... Then everyone will say, what about his money, what to do about it?"

Text: Gordon - Suffered from a stroke in 2011 - which made him half paralyzed on his right side

Amy: "Gordon has arranged everything and made up his will with the help of his lawyer. All I can say, is that I was one of the witnesses. When you’re familiair with legal matters, you know that if you want to be a witness during the making of a willl, you must not have any beneficial profits from it. So I succeeded all the requirements to be a witness. At that moment people were guessing: maybe Gordon gave her money. Well, I can tell everyone: NO, he did not.

Text: After his stroke - Suffering a lot of pressure from family matters

A Movie Star from a Generation
Because of these events, which made him lost more weight

Amy to Gordon: "They now finalize your second divorce, did you understand and agree with their demands at that moment. Gordon replied, it's not like that, I didn't agree those divorce terms. So, if this is not what you want, don't force it. Think more clearly about it first” Then he put the second divorce on hold."

Text: In all those negative circumstances, his former assistant took HKD$ 2 million from his movie earnings. He is forced to sell his house for his recovery costs.

Reporter: "How is his financial status?"
Amy: "Actually his financial situation is still okay, acceptable for now but it can’t hold on for long. He said he tries to cover all the costs by himself. He still has properties etc. But if there is no way, we have to think about a solution. And if Gordon can get back his few millions for his use, because his children still live in his house, if he really has no way out, he still might need to sell, or at least use, his house as a collateral. And someone shouted out that she is waiting untill he's recovered before she’ll return his money. So, I still have to say, Gordon's children hope you'll understand this, maybe under all these circumstances his dad really needs to put his house for sale or for other use. We still don't know, at this point, what will happen...

Text: Action Movie Star - Gordon Liu
Don't worry about the past, just need to work hard this moment. 

Geplaatst door Manlung Tang

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What Amy wants you to know about some sites and social media

Amy Fan asked me to make you aware of the following: 

Sites not to be trusted:



and This facebook is NOT the official facebook however they claim to be so. It is not in ownership of Gordon Liu nor does he in person reply. As a posts by Travis Torabisu confirms: "I created this page and Gordon Liu use to help manage it when he was in good health. Unfortunately it has fallen into the hands of someone else and I am trying to sort it out."

All gallery as shown on www.mastergordon.com are not by courtesy of Gordon Liu or Amy Fan. 

According to Amy Fan: THERE ARE NO OTHER OFFICIAL SITES besides this one for now. 

If you have any questions about his health, care or his financial position, please contact us by mail. 

Thank you.


Geplaatst door Manlung Tang

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Gordon Liu from Care Center back in Hospital: Although he has a smile on his face, it seems that Gordon went back to hospital due to an upset stomach or stomach issues. He stayed a few days and now he's back in the care center and he's doing okay; Amy Fan wrote us by Whatsapp.

The picture below shows that Gordon does surf on the internet (it fatigues him quickly) so hopefully he'll see a few messages of support on FB and gordon-liu.com. Keep on giving him the spirit he needs; his friends and fans won't leave him alone. So far Gordon is okay Amy told us. Don't forget to upload your own personal message for him!


Geplaatst door Manlung Tang

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Updates about Gordon Liu's health

Gordon has been transferred to a nursing home. Amy Fan decided that it would be better for his well-being.
Amy Fan does the best she possibly can for Gordon Liu' recovery. Gordon now has the care he deserves. Most important is to keep Gordon Liu out of the media as much as she can. Nevertheless she knows it's important to inform the outside world how much progress Gordon is making. Lately he gained weight, which is obviously great news!

Geplaatst door Manlung Tang

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