Interview Amy about Gordon

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Interview Amy Fan about Gordon Liu recently given in Sudden Weekly, magazine in Hong Kong.

See video below. 


Interview title: Sudden Weekly
Gordon right side paralyzed - Amy Fan his legal guardian: He needs to sell his house/property to cover all of his medical costs

Amy: "Gordon... Then everyone will say, what about his money, what to do about it?"

Text: Gordon - Suffered from a stroke in 2011 - which made him half paralyzed on his right side

Amy: "Gordon has arranged everything and made up his will with the help of his lawyer. All I can say, is that I was one of the witnesses. When you’re familiair with legal matters, you know that if you want to be a witness during the making of a willl, you must not have any beneficial profits from it. So I succeeded all the requirements to be a witness. At that moment people were guessing: maybe Gordon gave her money. Well, I can tell everyone: NO, he did not.

Text: After his stroke - Suffering a lot of pressure from family matters

A Movie Star from a Generation
Because of these events, which made him lost more weight

Amy to Gordon: "They now finalize your second divorce, did you understand and agree with their demands at that moment. Gordon replied, it's not like that, I didn't agree those divorce terms. So, if this is not what you want, don't force it. Think more clearly about it first” Then he put the second divorce on hold."

Text: In all those negative circumstances, his former assistant took HKD$ 2 million from his movie earnings. He is forced to sell his house for his recovery costs.

Reporter: "How is his financial status?"
Amy: "Actually his financial situation is still okay, acceptable for now but it can’t hold on for long. He said he tries to cover all the costs by himself. He still has properties etc. But if there is no way, we have to think about a solution. And if Gordon can get back his few millions for his use, because his children still live in his house, if he really has no way out, he still might need to sell, or at least use, his house as a collateral. And someone shouted out that she is waiting untill he's recovered before she’ll return his money. So, I still have to say, Gordon's children hope you'll understand this, maybe under all these circumstances his dad really needs to put his house for sale or for other use. We still don't know, at this point, what will happen...

Text: Action Movie Star - Gordon Liu
Don't worry about the past, just need to work hard this moment. 

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