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With his excellent acting abilities, his martial art skills, generations worldwide have met with Gordon Liu through the white screen. He is an icon, a true master in martial arts. Surely you've seen Shaolin warrior, 36th Chamber of Shaolin and Kill Bill; numerous Hollywood productions. Gordon Liu understands the art of acting with the art of Kung Fu. Througout the world he has a lot of fans who admire him for his great acting skills (from serious to comedic) and personality. Gordon Liu was in many HK-TVB series, he played anything from villain to hero. He was great in what he does and still is great in who he is. Gordon Liu is easily one of the most charismatic kung fu stars ever. 

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*NEW* Amy 樊 亦敏: video

You probably read it in previous message but we've got a video about the interview with Amy Fan, 樊 亦敏, it's been posted on facebook as well. Translation can be read in our previous blog.

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Gordon Liu Back in Hospital

Gordon Liu from Care Center back in Hospital: Although he has a smile on his face, it seems that Gordon went back to hospital due to an upset stomach or stomach issues. He stayed a few days and now he's back in the care center and he's doing okay; Amy Fan wrote us by Whatsapp.

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