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fans and friends, before questions about this site, and the people behind it will raise...

I'll be brief about this one. We (Manlung & Eloise) have nothing but pure intentions. A sincere heart is not only in movies, it also exists in real life. Most martial arts have tenets. These tenets inspire us to altruistic help or inspire Gordon. We do what lies in our ability with the help of Amy and you, fans & friends.  

It's terrible what happened to Gordon Liu.  This man has inspired so many people around the world that this is clearly the only thing we can do to inspire him back. We wish you'd make a personal video for him and send it to us. A minute is enough, make it funny, inspirational, emotional or spiritual. This call includes kungfu schools, individually or as a group, recording a short video is really not difficult, it won't take much of your time. Remember, it'll make Gordon laugh and laughter is therapy, laughter is good, laughter is positive! And that's the mood Gordon could use right now. 

Thank you

Manlung Tang



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