Happy Mid Autumn Festival Gordon!!!

Gepubliceerd op 21 september 2013 om 23:19

Look how Gordon is doing! By the way, happy Mid Autumn festival Gordon! And fans, did you see Amy's message?

True, we're a bit late with our wishes but actually we were so happy to see Gordon smile with sparkles in his eyes again and Amy had a sweet message for all of us and because of that we had to reply some mail and messages. Thank you fans for all the sweet things you wish for Gordon! Gordon's facebook has, at this point, more updates about his health yet we can tell you that Gordon is doing so well en so great. He is in the loving care of Amy and it shows! Thank you Amy and Aunty for all you are doing for Gordon. He so deserves it. 

The message Amy gave is, can be seen on Gordon's facebook. Haven't seen it yet? go ahead, take a look here *do click*. 

And don't you think Gordon is looking great? Keep it going Gordon! You can do it!


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