Translation Amy's message

Gepubliceerd op 23 september 2013 om 21:28

Amy gave us a lovely message. Manlung translated it into English so it'll be easy for you to understand. Enjoy!

 Amy Fan: "Hello I'm Amy Fan, Gordon and I wish you all a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival together with your love ones. Gordon has gained 2,5 kg weight lately, which is a very good result. Thanks to all your love and support he recovers very fast. Everytime I talk about his supportive fans, he smiles and says "they all miss me much". Here we also especially thank our friends from Holland. Manlung who designed a nice Gordon Liu - Guo Shu Cup T-shirt and lots of fans bought it to support Gordon and Gordon knows it. Gordon thanks you all and hopes that you'll still support him and love him. He said he wants to recover faster and he likes to see you when he is at his best condition. Ok, well I think it's enough for now... See you next time, bye bye!"

Thank you Gordon and thank you Amy. We're looking forward to your next message! 

Geplaatst door Manlung Tang | Eloise Oosterbeek