*NEW* Amy 樊 亦敏: it's not the money

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Interview in Nextmedia issue 1228 about Amy Fan, basically it's about Amy's personality and heroine bahavior to help Gordon Liu. Can't translate everything, it already took me 15 minutes to read it hahaha

Amy's Quote: "When rich people help someone, they call it charity... When poor people help
someone, they'll say there must be more motives behind all this!
Gordon is a Kung Fu icon, he needs help 
and I dare to reach out my hand.
I fight to help Gordon to retrieve his 2 million HKD$, just because Gordon needs this
money and how could he do it by himself in a wheelchair? Tell me!
Helping Gordon is a normal thing, I don't care about my own image in media.
It's the right thing, then I'll do it!"

Nextmedia Text: Amy Fan 樊亦敏 Righteous as priority helping Gordon Liu


"When rich people help someone they call it charity, if poor people help someone they'll say
there must be more motives behind all this."
"And maybe I'll be considered as a poor person, but I don't think that people
have to look things this way."

"People think it's all about Gordon's money, I'll think if I need  to do so much for money
I'll find a real richer target. The doctors and attorney are all helping Gordon for free,
do they really all need to plan this complot for making more money?
If you say it's about power, that could be true because I decide what he may eat or not.
Sometimes he really want something, and I say no, you'll see him make some
funny sad faces." ;(
NextMedia Text: "Heroic Action in Harsh Times"
"When I decided to do something, I'm sure in all those things that I do,
I'm not scared about the things that people would say.
You can't say I'm scared so I don't do it. If it's like that, it would be against my own principle.
When you put yourself in his situation, and you're not capable to do this yourself anymore,
you are losing trust in family and so-called friends, that's a quite sad situation."
The next half part interview is not related with Gordon Liu...

Amy; we can only say that you've got the biggest heart.


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