We're back on track

Gepubliceerd op 22 augustus 2013 om 21:59

Sorry, we were offline for a little while...

First of all, Happy Birthday Gordon Liu. We wish you all the luck you can need! 

It has been a while. We were (as you probably all know) in Hong Kong spending some quality time with family, relatives, friends and with Gordon Liu too. The updates about our visit can be found on our facebook. 

But, coming back from Hong Kong, we were terribly busy with picking up our jobs and daily obligations. Holidays don't last for ever, so once we were back we couldn't find any time to update this website. We are so sorry for that.

Anytime soon we'll post an update about his health yet I can tell you that Gordon Liu spend some real time out to celebrate his birthday today. 

Gordon went outside with Aunty and my father. As you can see, Gordon has the smile in his eyes and he actually looks very good! Keep up that spirit Gordon. And this is all possible because Gordon is in good hands! Finally.

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